Nabil Rabadi and Rami Fahil are brothers-in-law whom have been attached at the hip for over 40 years

They moved to the United States from Jordan around the same time and started a few businesses together over the years.

Nabil's brother, Victor, God rest his soul, was a priest and because of that, my Nabil and Rami wanted their kids to grow up in a religious community.

Rami moved to Bakersfield in 2001 and convinced Nabil to follow as he thought it would be a good opportunity for the family.

Nabil moved here to Bakersfield in 2003.

Nabil and Reem Rabadi have 3 children, Raed Rena and Danny

Rami and Reem Fahil have 5 children, Rawan, Rakan, Razan, Raxan and Rayan.

A bit of our history.


Virgin Mary Life-Giving Spring Antiochian Orthodox Church
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